BioP India & other Medical Innovations



I start by pointing out that a 3d printer is just like an ordnary printer but it is evolving to fit different uses by the day. We have seen several uses including printing miniature versions of a house you want to design, designing shoes, printing bone parts for transplant and e.t.c.

In Mission impossible, the movies trilogy, there are several times the agents use a modernised version of a 3d printer to print masks which seem really lifelike… but what do I know, it is just a movie. so …

BioP India is trying to sell the idea of 3d printing to improve the health of the people in the country by promising to make organ transplants using the synthentic organic printing a reality. the 3d printing industry is trying to explore ways to sell the 3d printer to better paying clients rather than just the ordinary home/ interior designer/ architect use.

I haven’t watched the whole pitch video for what they actually print with the printer but health might be the most useful way to really commercialize the 3d printer technology just the way the X-ray machines and the MRI scans revolutionized healthcare.

there are more documents on how to improve the health aspect of the printer but that’s not my approach on the case. the way I have seen NASA researchers do the bio research and how to grow cells and stuff is a more futuristic approach to come to terms to the bigger picture of the need for a cheaper machine to make replication of cells a reality.  the link shows a top researcher being given an innovation award by Facebook founder mark and Lupita Nyong’o. these bio stuff might need some chemical backing to become a more solid and business viable money making industry for all and especially for african doctors who run moderate clinics that cannot afford to be listed in organ donor projects.


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