This years #FormNiGani Movie Launch Set for July

Movie launch

Yesterday was a great day for the Kenyan football team in Cairo and writers community twho had a chance to do a test run for a science fiction movie they have been working on since November Last year. The costumes where modest for the budget the producer had and the crew was patient. So when the #Formnigani band wagon came to the rescue,( #formnigani is an online movement ya kutoa form…) the movie costumes came to life.

LightBox which is the production company… that made most of the work in shooting and scripting of the movie, had a task to make the venue ( outside the national archives) be a replica of the set of the said sci-fi set for launch in July.

The movie’s story is based on a woman who was born in 2019 and later goes on to be the president of the republic of the nation in future… but after seeing what the future has done to her country she has to make some changes to the past which is 2019. she boards a space ship which opens a time portal that enables her to return to this year and meets a small crowd when she lands. She now has a huge task of making the future she wants.

The #Formnigani movement had a few more players who contributed to the skit. Some are on the twitter feeds


Tech state May 2019


Imagine cup top 3

The current recurrent socio-economic problem we are facing as a country at the
moment is clean water crisis in our cities and their sewarage system. Since food is a basic
need and economically speaking, How do you solve food?
So we have had concepts in development in Kibera slums for cheap water shops and
low cost sewage treatment sedimentation systems that have some automation with
your safaricom lines but… We need clean water and not bottled mineral water.

The Kenyan tech comminity which might not be your regular cup of tea if you
are a social person has a few tech dates set this months of May and June as
the Angelhack #Globalseries ended in April and this June, the Nairobi Innovation Week
goes down in June. The globalseries event was happening at Strathmore University and had
with them a team scouting for a $100,000 Visa everywhere Initiative. Maybe It has something
to do with the #HudumaNumber and guys are not registering for it!!!


Team members from Aristotle University Greece

I cry to talk application

On another thought Last year I read about a Greek students
team that came up with an idea of making an app that could translate crying sounds
from babies and relate to their state of comfort or discomfort.

iCry2Talk proposes a low-cost and non-invasive intelligent interface between the infant and the parent that translates in real time the BaBy’s cry and associates it with a specific physiological and psychological state, depicting the result in a text, image and voice message. The hypothesis adopted by iCry2Talk is that the efficient combination and analysis of different sources of information through advanced signal processing techniques and deep learning algorithms can provide meaningful and reliable feedback to the parent related to the care of his baby…

I missed a very nice window to upload and application I was working on for a
feew months now to the Imagine Cup challenge 2019. It is a tech challenge to
the best developers in the planet that use the current Microsoft (cloud based)
softwares. They were Some engerineering students
from Aristotle University.

The whole idea that now has 4 million shillings in Microsoft Azure credits might
need medical doctors to advance the icry2talk application for real human trials and
make it to the medics prescriptions as we-me- usually have trouble when babies cry.
This means that icry2talk can browse the MS azure platform and use paid for tools
to make their application more localized for the Europe market and the African market
because when you look at women and child healthcare, we have billions of humans in that
category. Making sure health applications reach the market has been a responsibility left
for the founders and funders of those projects which is not so practicle.
Either way I wish Aristotle and these new team all the best.

Soch Ware for Farmerer 🙂
supporting the agriculture with the help of Internet of things (IoT), AI, Imagine Processing and Machine Learning along with Analytics.
Excessive use of chemicals not only destroys crops, but also negatively impact our ecosystem. Team SochWare has designed a solution “E-Agrovet” that will help farmers identify plant diseases, suggest mitigation strategies connect with experts and get updated with recent agriculture findings, climatic conditions. Additionally, the team’s solution will also enable the farmers to alert nearby harvesters about the situation.

In conclusion this year we have new stuff in AI and Bigdata that
took away the MicrosoftImagecup 2019 judging team…

including Sochware which came in second place. confirming the tech conversations in the savannah are not as they though they were- Fake news

Surviving your first hackathon

courtesy rob bell
Rob Bell is a programmer from the West and has an avid understanding
several programing languages from mainly low level languages
like c and high level languages like python.
Here is a piece from his website( where he  
publishes his works as an OOP(Object oriented programming- 
programming with an objective)

Sleepless in south-east London:

About a month after joining ASOS as an engineer and full of fresh-faced naivety, I willingly signed up to join a team taking part in the RetailWeek TechSprint – a 24-hour hackathon aimed at creating innovation for online retail. Armed with my laptop, a toothbrush and a loose grasp of the latest front-end frameworks, I set off for the InterContinental hotel at the O2 for a day and night of programming, pitching and perseverance. These are the things I learnt.

Before the hackathon

Get to know your team

ASOS is a big old place with dozens of development teams across a million different business areas, and having been there only a few weeks I’d not had the chance to meet the other people who’d been coerced into joining the hackathon team. Ahead of the big day, we arranged a few meetings to introduce ourselves, our experience and our ability to stave off sleep.

The team chosen consisted of front-end and full stack engineers, a QA engineer and a customer intelligence analyst. Producing a demo-ready product proved to be more than just churning out code so this assortment of skills was invaluable.

Know your tech

During our first meetup we ran through the tech we each used day to day and our experience with useful libraries and services. We didn’t want to let our chosen languages and tools shape the design of our application too much, so we focused on a core of well-known technologies, coupled with a few curveballs we thought would be worth investing in.

As well as the usual development tools, we set up Slack for communication, Trello for task management, GIMP for image editing and we dusted off our PowerPoint skills. An empty Visual Studio project was created ahead of time, all pushed to an Azure Website via GitHub.

Have some ideas in mind

We were given a loose theme for the hackathon ahead of time which allowed us to share a few ideas beforehand – some far-fetched, some more realistic. With suggestions ranging from games to student scavenger hunts, we eventually settled on a handful of more achievable app ideas ready for us to flesh out on the day.

Get a good night’s sleep

This one may be obvious, but feeling fresh from the off was crucial: camomile tea, some good earplugs, pleading with your neighbour to have one night without Nelly Furtado’s “I’m like a bird” played on loop at full volume (I’m not kidding) – whatever it takes.

On the day

Settle on an idea

After arriving in the morning bright-eyed and full of coffee, we set up our machines and were given our remit. With a little more context we were able to adapt one of our ideas to fit the bill, and we started to discuss what we’d hope to deliver.

We used the hotel window as our Kanban board and started to task up our stories. The application we’d decided to build naturally split itself into tasks that could be spread between the team based on our skillsets: information gathering, graphic design, prototyping and marketing strategy.

Minimum Viable Product

As the hours ticked by we refined our idea and discussed features to add, as well as those to pull. 24 hours is not much time – even though at 4AM it will seem like you’ve been sat at your laptop for an eternity – so it was important to focus on our MVP minimum viable product. This meant culling some features in favour of completing our happy path. Other sacrifices may have included code quality, testing and teeth brushing.

Keep caffeinated

After an 11AM kick-off, it was about 2AM when I first started to feel tiredness creeping in. A round of tea, followed by a round of coffee, followed by a round of Monster seemed to do the job. That was until around 5AM when my brain fought my body, forcing me into a jittery powernap in the hotel service corridor. A more balanced approach to caffeine consumption would have been advisable.

The following morning I perked up, feeling a little groggy but relatively chipper. It was at that point that one of our team changed into a clean pair of socks, and I’ve never been so jealous of anything in all my life. Bring a change of socks.

Practise your pitch

As demo time loomed, we set aside some time to prepare our presentation and focus our pitch. We had three minutes to communicate our idea and demo our app, so it was important to keep a clear, simple message.

Starting with a dozen slides, we eventually narrowed it down to three, which we then ran through ad nauseam to iron out kinks and compensate for technical difficulties.

And the winner is…

Well, we didn’t win, but we did finish in second place. Our app was a success and our pitch was well received. We were pipped to the post by a worthy winner with a very refined sales pitch. Amazingly we all managed a few victory beers after the event before I headed home for one of the most comfortable sleeps of my life.

Although it sounds quite gruelling, it was a great event to be a part of and a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. But what I wouldn’t have done for a clean pair of socks…

BioP India & other Medical Innovations



I start by pointing out that a 3d printer is just like an ordnary printer but it is evolving to fit different uses by the day. We have seen several uses including printing miniature versions of a house you want to design, designing shoes, printing bone parts for transplant and e.t.c.

In Mission impossible, the movies trilogy, there are several times the agents use a modernised version of a 3d printer to print masks which seem really lifelike… but what do I know, it is just a movie. so …

BioP India is trying to sell the idea of 3d printing to improve the health of the people in the country by promising to make organ transplants using the synthentic organic printing a reality. the 3d printing industry is trying to explore ways to sell the 3d printer to better paying clients rather than just the ordinary home/ interior designer/ architect use.

I haven’t watched the whole pitch video for what they actually print with the printer but health might be the most useful way to really commercialize the 3d printer technology just the way the X-ray machines and the MRI scans revolutionized healthcare.

there are more documents on how to improve the health aspect of the printer but that’s not my approach on the case. the way I have seen NASA researchers do the bio research and how to grow cells and stuff is a more futuristic approach to come to terms to the bigger picture of the need for a cheaper machine to make replication of cells a reality.  the link shows a top researcher being given an innovation award by Facebook founder mark and Lupita Nyong’o. these bio stuff might need some chemical backing to become a more solid and business viable money making industry for all and especially for african doctors who run moderate clinics that cannot afford to be listed in organ donor projects.


Microsoft Pop up labs Kenya


June was an exciting month for Kenya’s tech scene where we got to host some big shots from the Microsoft team to interact with and learn a bit from them at the Industrial area where the heart of industrialization in Kenya once thrived(-not so long ago). The event was sold out and the venue was the newly refurbished Gearbox head office, a modern fabrication laboratory that allows individuals( You and me in this instance) who is interested in using their workshop from doing laser stuff, 3D printing, PCB(polarized circuit boards) design and manufacture and the most fun part tech young kids how to do robotics.

Ms Nairobi

MS team Nairobi, Kenya offices

The core focus of the Microsoft and gearbox combo was to tackle the topic AI(artificial intelligence) being fused with IoT(internet of things).

Gearbox has seen quite a number of builders that have passed through this space which is under the former University of Nairobi Lecturer Doctor. Kamau Gachigi and is currently being managed by Felicity’s team that also includes female techies. Felicity is into robotics and Dr. Kamau is into 3D advancement and fabrication labs.



Gearbox as a space has now been successfully operating and dishing out real talent to the Kenyan startup industry. They just recently finished showcasing their innovations on the #ishow and you should look that up on twitter kenya for more on those ideas if you are into their vybe. Gearbox is an advancement of the once famous BELL labs in the USA that were exclusively meant for the advancement of the telephone cable lines and the founders of the “internet”. The lab has positioned itself in the market as a competitor for the traditional workshops by letting you the user to design a product based on your specifications.

IoT, The internet of things is something that has been a bit of a fuss lately where everyone is looking to make that whole experience of inter-connectivity between devices work for them and make their day to day operations really easy. some IoT innovations work but one will have to ask why they would need that type of innovation in their day to day life. The Microsoft Azure developer Jan…

Jan schweda

Jan schweda takes the gearbox audience on the ones and twos of cloud computing

…was trying to convince us in the beginning to  get to understand the main purpose of using Azure as a platform for running your innovation and it became really simplified in the sense that the Microsoft platform should be looked at as a hardware or Software that lets you store anything from programs to software applications that allow you to run them anywhere Microsoft operate. That has an advantage compared to your traditional (Website) hosting services for example because Azure has already hosted the program for you everywhere.


AI, Artificial intelligence on the other hand has other dynamics my friends. from the definition and what exists as AI, its a bit wanting information for me to share. But we are in luck, do not fear. Here are a couple of points the developers who know these things can pick up from:

  1. Contribute to the Github repository and remember to signup and follow what you are comfortable doing. nowadays Microsoft azure uses the C# programming language but c++ can be a start
  2. Engage the community of developers on the intelligence systems out there to see if they pass the test.
  3. Edit written documents and programs in the communities you follow
  4. Upload stuff for a reason
  5. Attend at least 3 locally organized meet ups on technology and startups or even art
  6. Write and write more stuff.





Mergers and Aquisitions 2017/2018

courtesy BANK KELELE 254


Banking and Finance: Finance, Law, & Insurance M&A

Centum Investments is selling its shareholding in GenAfrica Asset Managers to Kuramo Capital LLC, an independent investment management firm based in New York City with offices in Nairobi and Lagos, and registered as an investment advisor by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Centum sold 25% of Platcorp Holdings to Suzerian Investments a consortium of the Platcorp management team (platinum credit and premier credit) which provides emergency loans to individuals in Kenya Uganda Tanzania while Premier offers working capital loans to companies – at a 31% return.

AfricInvest, a leading pan-African mid-cap-focused private equity firm invested in Britam Holdings Plc (Britam), taking up a 14.3% stake. The investment was made in partnership with DEG-Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), The Dutch Development Bank FMO, and Proparco, a subsidiary of Agence Française de Développement (AFD), focused on private sector development.

Hamilton Harrison & Mathews Advocates (HH&M), one of Kenya’s oldest and largest law firm has entered into an agreement to combine with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. Upon regulatory approval, HH&M will become part of Dentons, which is combining with seven elite firms in Africa, the Caribbean and South East Asia.

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK)has authorized the proposed acquisition of control in AON Kenya Insurance Brokers by Extologix Proprietary through Heartland Holdings.

BitPesa, the first and largest blockchain payments platform for Africa and Europe, announced their acquisition of TransferZero, an international, online money transfer platform that specializes in sending money to consumers and companies in 200 countries using over 50 different currencies.

ceo Bitpesa


BitPesa, the first and largest blockchain payments platform for Africa and Europe, announced today their acquisition of TransferZero, an international, online money transfer platform that specializes in sending money to consumers and companies in 200 countries using over 50 different currencies.

TransferZero is a partner of Bankia, Spain’s third-largest bank and has pioneered a number of innovations in the European FinTech sector.

BitPesa is one of the few global companies to have licensing and infrastructure in both Africa and Europe. Under the acquisition, TransferZero will continue to operate under the same brand name and all of its employees will stay with BitPesa. Their headquarters will remain in Madrid.

“Europe is a hub for global remittance and payments companies,” said Elizabeth Rossiello, founder, and CEO of BitPesa. “Digital currencies and decentralized technology have hit critical mass in the financial services and payments space. It is no longer a question of whether this technology will have staying power—rather, which specific technology and what product iteration will launch and scale first. This past year was groundbreaking for digital payments and blockchain, as we saw Japan and Korea, two major Asian economies, come out with clear regulation that supported a booming sector. The UK, Europe, and Switzerland also solidified their position in support of payment companies using this technology,” added Rossiello.

“BitPesa has the support of top-tier, institutional investors and a network that will help to bring TransferZero’s technology to the next level,” said Luis Cambronero, former CEO of TransferZero and current MD at BitPesa. “With this support, we will be able to provide even more efficient transfers and user experience,” said Cambronero.

TransferZero has network integrations on four continents, and a team with decades of experience working with enterprise clients in need of global payment solutions. They are the only remittance company that does not charge a fee, aside from a small percentage in the FX.

“This is truly a partnership where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, allowing BitPesa to solidify our leadership in this space,” said Rossiello. “By bringing our regional and technological expertise together, we will further accelerate our month-to-month growth,” Rossiello concluded.


Mastercard has completed its acquisition of mobile payments technology company Oltio from Standard Bank Group. The acquisition builds on Mastercard’s longstanding relationship with Oltio’s technology enables consumers to authenticate Masterpass digital wallet purchases in South Africa using their bank PIN and mobile phone.

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, is investing EUROS 4 ,000,000 in M-BIRR, a cashless money transfer and payment service in Ethiopia to improved access to banking services in Ethiopia on a wide scale. Other investors include the European Investment Bank (EIB). The Finnish development finance company Finnfund has been a shareholder in M-BIRR since as early as 2012 which is inspired by the success story of the Kenyan provider M-PESA.

The Competition Authority authorized the proposed acquisition of 100% of the issued share capital of Youjay’s Insurance Brokers by I & M Insurance Agency.

Customers of Chase Bank were given an update by the Central Bank (CBK) and the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) on the ongoing takeover of selected assets and liabilities of their bank by State Bank of Mauritius (SBM).

Food & Beverage M&A

A South-African based private equity fund has invested Sh404 million ($4 million) to acquire an undisclosed stake in Kenyan fast food chain Big Square. Uqalo says its investment will expand its footprint from the current nine stores to 30 over the next four years. Uqalo, which targets investments located in Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria, is primarily funded by Hong Kong-based supply chain and logistics conglomerate Fung Group and its strategy is to acquire minority stakes by investing between Sh202m and Sh506m ($2m and $5m) in “mature businesses” through equity or convertible debt (via Business Daily).

The Competition Authority approved the proposed acquisition of 100% shareholding in Nairobi Java House limited by Star Foods Holding

Wow Beverages has made an application to enter into exclusive import arrangements with specified international and local manufacturers and suppliers of ‘premium’ wines and spirits in Kenya – from Gallo Vineyards Inc. trading as E&J Gallow Winery Europe, Vina San Pedro Tarapasca S.A, Felix Solis Avantis S.A, Afrique Interlink (PTY), Interlink (PTY) Limited, Edrington Group Limited and Tradall S.A (Bacardi-Martini Group).

Seaboard has made a low offer to buy out other minority shareholders of Unga.

The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) Chebut factory is set to take over management of 260 acres of mature tea owned by the Nandi county government after the conclusion of ongoing negotiations.

Logistics, Engineering, & Agri-Biz M&A


Ascent Rift Valley Fund (ARVF), a leading SME Private Equity Fund investor will acquire a majority stake in Auto Springs East Africa, a Limuru-based factory that produces a wide range of products for the motor assembly and vehicle spare parts industry. It will be done in a partnership deal with SFC Finance.

Sendy, an app-based on-demand delivery services platform operating across Kenya, has completed a Series A investment round, led by DOB Equity. DOB Equity will invest alongside CFAO, member of the Toyota Group, and other private investors. DOB Equity says that the new funds will enable Sendy to increase their platforms’ service offering. This includes adding more delivery vehicles to their platform, increasing their coverage area, expanding the sales and technology team, and preparing for future expansion into neighboring countries in East Africa.

The owners of flower farm Karuturi Limited have secured an investor to inject fund into their business as they fight to save their priced asset from being auctioned by CfC Stanbic over Sh1.8 billion loan default. The firm in a statement said that it has reached an agreement with Phoenix Group for a ‘blend of debt and equity’ which will help it to meet its current debt obligations and restart its operations (Via Business Daily)

Ethiopia acquires 19% in Berbera Port becoming a strategic shareholder; UAE’s DP World has 51% while Somaliland gets 30% following the agreement being signed.

Trading on Express Kenya shares has resumed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) after a three-month suspension following a takeover bid by the firm’s CEO Hector Diniz. Diniz Holdings, an investment firm, has bid to acquire the 38.36% stake held by other shareholders other than its affiliates for Sh5.50 a share. (Via Business Daily).

The Competition Authority authorized the proposed acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Trillvane Ltd by Kuehne+ Nagel limited.

The Competition Authority authorized the proposed acquisition of Carzan Flowers (Kenya) limited by Star Bright Holdings.

The Competition Authority authorized the proposed acquisition by Diamond (bc) b.v. of the Diversey Care division of Sealed Air corporation (“sealed air”) and of Sealed Air’s food hygiene and cleaning business within its food care division.

The Competition Authority authorizes the proposed acquisition of 51% shareholding in Mavuno Fertilizers Limited by Omya (Schweiz) Ag.

Trans Miller Limited carrying on the business of food processing, packaging and distribution and other related agri-business activities, situate at L.R. No. 4953/1185, Thika, have been sold and transferred by the transferor to Tahuna Limited, who will carry on the said business of manufacturing under the name and style of Tahuna Limited.

Funguo Investments Limited has acquired a majority – 51% stake in Feastfoods Processors Limited, a food processing company that has been set up to manufacture fruit juice puree and concentrates in Kwale County (via Business Today)

Airline/ Oil/Energy/Mining M&A


Kenya Airways PLC, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and Societe Air France S.A (Air France) have made an application under section 25 (1) of the Act for the exemption of their proposed Agreement of Accession and Amendment to Joint Venture Agreement (proposed Amended JV) from the provisions of section• A of Part III of the Act. The application for exemption is for an indefinite period (as long as the amended Agreement remains in force).1. The proposed Amended N agreement provides as follows —(a) the inclusion of Air France as a party to the Joint Venture Agreement (original JV agreement) between Kenya Airways and KU* and(b) that all references to KLM in the original JV be construed as a reference to both KLM and Air France.

There has been an ownership change at Safarilink as ALS Limited, one of the shareholders of the firm, sold its entire to Bridges Limited, a Ramco Group affiliate, and an existing shareholder. As a result of this private transaction, Captain Aslam Khan of ALS relinquished his position of chairman with Safarilink’s owners settling on Mr. Ngunze to steer the airline’s board (via Business Daily)

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa announced that it has finalized shareholders agreement with the Government of Zambia for the re-launch of Zambia Airways. The Government of Zambia will be the majority shareholder with 55% and Ethiopian will have 45% stakes in the airline – and this comes after another consolidation at Ethiopian.

Base Resources announced that it reached  agreement with World Titane Holdings whereby Base Resources will acquire an initial 85% interest in the wholly owned Mauritian subsidiaries of World Titane, which between them hold a 100% interest in the Toliara Sands Project in Madagascar. Base Resources will acquire the remaining 15% interest, with a further US$17 million payable on achievement of key milestones, as the project advances to mine development. The acquisition is to be funded by the A$100 million share offer currently underway, refer below for further details. Completion of the acquisition is expected to occur in late January 2018.

Investec Asset Management through its Africa Private Equity increased its investment in Mobisol with consortium partners the IFC and FMO. Mobisol, headquartered in Berlin deals with the energy demand from off-grid households and has operations in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda where it has sold 110,000 systems benefiting over 550,000 people.

(0IL) Following Total SA’s commitment, the Government has consented to a proposed acquisition of the issued and to-be-issued share capital of Maersk Oil Exploration International (Mogas Kenya) in respect of Blocks 10BA, 10BB and 13T. Earlier, Total had acquired Maersk Oil for $7.45 billion in a share and debt transaction.

Africa Finance Corporation and Harith General Partners (Aldwych Holdings) have merged their electricity generation assets into a new company – Anergi Holdings (includes Lake Turkana Wind Farm and Rabai Heavy Fuel plant in Kenya.

The competition Authority approved the proposed acquisition of indirect control of Savannah Cement by Benson Sande Ndeta.

The Competition Authority approved the proposed acquisition of Associated Vehicle Assemblers by Simba corporation.


Real Estate & Supermarkets M&A

Actis has agreed to sell its 79.5% majority stake in Mentor Management Limited a Kenyan project management company, to Turner & Townsend, a global construction and management consultant. The management team of MML will retain its minority stake. Actis acquired a controlling stake in MML in 2011 (Via Business Daily).

Mr. Price franchised business carried on by Deacons (East Africa) PLC will be transferred on or after 1st April, 2018 to MIRP Retail Kenya Limited  which will carry on the business.

Nakumatt Holdings and Tusker Mattresses have made an application under section 25 of the Act for the exemption of their proposed management services and loan Agreement for a period of three years.1. The terms of the agreement are that: Tuskys shall provide management services to Nakumatt including procurement and inventory management; Tuskys shall advance a loan to Nakumatt to provide it with emergency funding which shall be used to pay some of the outstanding amounts to employees and landlords; Tuskys shall provide recurring payment guarantees to the suppliers of the target to ensure the suppliers supply stocks to the following Nakumatt’s outlets: Village Market, Galleria, tikay Center, Lavington, Prestige, Mega, Highridge, Karen Crossoads, Ridgeways, Lifestyle, Embakasi, Garden City.

Telecommunications, Media & Publishing M&A

Kwesé has acquired a significant stake in iflix Africa, which will now form part of Kwesé’s diverse broadcast offering, as the core vehicle to deliver seamless mobile experiences to millions of viewers in Africa. Having set up operations in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa, iflix offers users the region’s most extensive collection of highly acclaimed local African and international series and movies, including first-to-market exclusive programming. This, in partnership with Kwesé’s broadcast operations and footprint, will create an exceptional mobile offering for consumers on the continent.

TPG Growth, the middle market and growth equity investment platform of global alternative asset firm TPG, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a majority stake in TRACE, the market leader in afro-urban music and entertainment. The remaining stake will be owned by TRACE’s co-founder and management team. TPG Growth will invest alongside Evolution Media and Satya Capital. As part of the transaction, MTG, a leading international digital entertainment group that invested in TRACE in 2014, will sell its stake in the company.

International Paper and Board Supplies carrying on the business of trading in printing and packaging materials and consumables at L.R. No. 209/11066, will transfer all its business, stocks and assets to The Print Store who intends to carry on the business from the aforesaid premises.

The Competition Authority authorizes the proposed acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Alldean Networks limited, Simbanet com limited and Wananchi telecom limited by Synergy.

Pressmaster carrying on the business of trading in printing and packaging materials and consumables at L.R. No. 209/12156, will transfer all its business, stocks and assets to Pressmaster Africa Ltd.

The Competition Authority authorized the proposed acquisition of the assets and business of International Paper and Board Supplies Limited by the Print Stores Limited, on condition that the acquirer absorbs not less than 45 out of the current 78 employees in the target business.

The Competition Authority authorizes the proposed acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Pressmaster Africa Limited by Ramco Plexus.


Other M&AThe Competition Authority authorized the proposed acquisition of 40% of the ordinary shares in AAH (BVI) limited by Oman Trading International with certain veto rights.

Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and the first Lady Madam Margaret at the Great Wall of China. Courtesy





…new way to beat this weather this coming few weeks is following the dancers around Nairobi and seeing what they are up to. I am at the pawa254 co-working space working on a piece. The play writers and artists NGO (pawa254 ) is just off state house road and it has a space where serious artists usually meet for art purposes


FYI Dancing is an ART


The rhythm is set from energetic dances from the heart of Nairobi by professional instructors and dance crews. Imagine dance choreography and you are right, imagine dragons{maybe not that far} and just release your body to the rhythm.


So #RevolutionKE isn’t that bad as you might think as we indulgent in this new obstacle called the youth Unemployment and youth contributing to the share of the national cake. So In the mean time as we have 1,000 Billion from the KRA taxman which is missing 84 Billion the budget cuts are going to be serious coming few days and I am glad the weather is doing its thing.