On Tuesday morning, incidentally the same day the Second Devolution Conference was planned to start, an article was published in a certain paper featuring a prominent politician praising devolution for all it is worth. But I take exception to the idea that devolution has changed lives because, among the things the assertion implies is that a politician has changed lives, especially only in a better way. What about it(devolution) having worsened life? This is to say that devolution cannot and has not been purely good or purely bad. If anything, devolution is and had been good for those who have been favored by it especially because they had something to gain by supporting or implementing it. It is and had been bad for all those who had a lot to lose either by not supporting or implementing the system of governance. Otherwise, what is or might be making people’s lives better has never ceased and will never cease to be people’s volition- the will to work to meet their needs and wants .

To put it in much the same words, people are working and will be working purely out of necessity.

Also, considering that some counties are doing comparatively poorly, it is unacceptable to claim that devolution is wholly good but only partly so. Because the ever-limited resources can never be divided in any proper way. Yet if we are to ask ourselves what has, if it can, been devolved? Both good and evil is the apt answer. Because there are people who saw or see devolution as an opportunity to perpetuate evil such as corruption and embezzlement . There also those who saw and see the system as an avenue to perpetuate good, for example justice and equality. Still there are those who can be said to be neither here nor there in the spectrum. Hence allowing evil and good to continue and thrive indefinitely in the system.

Therefore this is what we must do: to never be committed to careless and useless talk while neglecting action that yields wholly positive results. Governors and other leaders must come out of the conference loaded with solutions to what any Mwananchi will consider as essentially important and necessary. Else there will be no valid reason to claim that devolution is bettering the populace.


From Left: Hon.Isaac Ruto, Hon. Raila Odinga, Hon Kidero( Nairobi Governor).

From Left: Hon.Isaac Ruto, Hon. Raila Odinga, Hon Kidero( Nairobi Governor).

For all intents and purposes, the Second Devolution Conference kicked off today at Tom Mboya Labour college in Kisumu County, with countless expecting the best from it. The best of our Governors to be exact.

Indeed, it is good to expect the best from any endeavor. But the best doesn’t always materialize from any of our undertakings. True or false?

But I have irrefutable confidence that the Devolution Conference or conferences for that matter are not among the best platforms to discuss matters to do with governance and effective devolution. Therefore, as I will show shortly, the conference, without fear of censure, is a meaningless undertaking.

This I will show through radical analysis of the event and its intentions. In other words, I am going to deconstruct this over-emphasized Devolution Conference over literal servant leadership.

First and foremost, who are the organizers of the pocket-denting conference? Are they the Wananchi (nowadays ‘Wenyenchi’)? No. Government? Yes. Governors? Yes. The High and Mighty? Yes. The Poor? No.

Hence the follow-up question: Who are going to really benefit? All? No. The select few? Definitely yes.

Who will be attending in large numbers to discuss the most important issues? As usual, the ones we have elected and the other elites. So the common Mwananchi will still be left behind somehow, no matter what else is done to make up for the oversight.

I am also not so sure whether all representatives of the people in government will be attending such a crucial event.This makes the whole exercise almost pointless-of course it will become pointless with time.

Another palatable observation is that the leaders we have sent to that conference will not all be going back to the grassroots to implement the radical resolutions, failing society once more.

The representatives, I am sure, are just going to be enjoying themselves in the strictest sense rather than merely employing themselves in productive discussions—the kind that will yield noble solutions to the problems at hand. Failing the electorate once more.

While we are talking about balancing Devolution, the Conference is set to toughen one of the most common hard nuts to crack in this country: regional imbalance. As “all roads” will be leading to Kisumu, essential resources will also be moving to Kisumu. Hence Kisumu will soon, if not in the distant future, be better than most Counties.

To avoid these accusations, the Governors and the elite must just behave themselves in and out of the conference and come and give us back value for our money. Otherwise, they will have squandered public resources, one of the main reasons they should no continue serving us.

That is the Devolution Conference for you— radically analyzed for the benefit of the Mwananchi and all those who care.


Northern Kenya DaDaaB refugee camp. COURTESY KTN

Northern Kenya DaDaaB refugee camp. COURTESY KTN

The Government resolution to forcibly repatriate Daadab refugees and to close down the camp is uncalled for because it is purely detrimental.

Yet nobody can deny that our country has been arguably insecure since the 1998 bomblast. Hence it cannot be denied that our country needs to be, if not as secure as it used to be, it has to be more than secure. Hence the need for radical measures.

But what is ‘radical’ should not be futile, detrimental even. It has, on the contrary, to be strictly ethical, lawful and positively transformative. So it follows that the State resolution to close down the largest refugee camp in the world on account of its link to unlawful activities, especially terror, positively portrays the traditional benevolent, responsible, democratic, courageous country in nothing other than bad light.

Kenya will have offended her own people and the world at large because of ill-treating, manhandling, abandoning and disappointing the landless, the orphans, the widows and widowers, the hungry, the sick, the helpless, the poor of the poor—in a word, the refugees(who happen to have sought asylum from all of Africa, if not the world).

All this will be done in the flimsy name of rooting out our most recent arch enemies the Alshabaab, and their sympathizers. Indeed, the Alshabaab are, not only our sworn enemies, but also of the world because they are exterminating terrorists. For instance, because of the Alshabaab, our dear country has has lost (and will be losing) immensely both in property and in human life. A fact that warrants the terror group to be annihilated.

But the methods? So far, of course apart from sending our troops to counteract lawlessness in the war-torn Somalia, are highly questionable. One of them being to close down and forcibly evacuate the people we as a country are morally and legally bound to protect and empower until their dignity is restored. What then has changed?

Of course there is insecurity— the kind enough to call for desperate measures to bring the country to safety—in fact total safety(which is highly utopian). But according the poet Milton, Paradise was lost. So we will only manage high(er) degrees of safety and peace, but not the kind that was found in ‘Paradise’.

Yet all the above has not been a clear(er) picture of the consequences associated with the State’s decision to end what is now a refugees’ strong tower; in fact now a ‘home’ since majority of the victims of circumstance have been living there for almost or more than twenty years, enjoying almost all the rights and privileges of a full Kenyan citizen. I will recourse to deconstruction.

When deconstructed or radically analyzed, the Government position is hopeless in so far as I will show it to be baseless. Hence a Government which will not be a refuge to the vulnerable just because it doesn’t want to is inevitably a cruel one.

Moreover, to seek to please the enemy(Alshabaab) is cowardly, to say the least. Closing down the Daadab camp as a last ditch attempt to defeat terrorists is reactionary rather than ‘proactionary’ on the part of our Government; blaming and victimizing the homeless and the powerless at that reflects badly on our National Intelligence Service and consequently the State.

Refusing to listen to alternative courses of action is to stoop lower than the already evil Alshabaab; acting belatedly in the case of an a national emergency and catastrophe is a sure sign of a banana republic—all the refugees had better go back to an unsafe Somalia(as the Government expects) and die with dignity as opposed to dying in a comparatively safer country that is Kenya; assuming that all refugees are evil Somalis and therefore deserve to be forcibly repatriated is to reason direly illogically in a situation that clearly demands clear-headedness, open-mindedneses, and rational empathy.

What more can be said? Nothing apart from reiterating that our Government has to address the ‘Alshabaab Affair’ with dignified means. The die is cast.

Same Script, Different Cast


(Photo by: Godong/UIG via Getty Images)

Khat becoming a major concern in the world…

Whats New Africa? Before it was geopolitical oppression now its economic, it still remains true is that the African mind has been thoroughly tamed!!!

They oppressing our farmers putting all sorts of restrictions on our fruits and vegetable exports, then they ban Miraa imports. Oh let me not forget the new re-fund-able 400,000 ksh fee you put in as security when travelling to Britain to ensure you do not exceed the time you claim you’ll be there. Are all these coincidental or are these the “consequences” to be faced for having voted in our President?

But the average Kenyan is not worried about that, more especially the Nairobi youth who is so “exposed”, having all forms of access to information and technology yet doing NOTHING with it. Do the youth even know whats going on, are they aware? Or are they just more worried bout how many people be following them on twitter or how many freaking friends they got on Facebook. We have tools in our hands to learn from, to be innovators, to be used to cultivate greater thinkers of better, relative inventions more than meager thoughts about who you slept with last night!

When is a smartphone smart? When the user using it knows how to use it ? We so worried about looking cool we run out to get the latest, most expensive gadget that some multinational corporate* has just released, we don’t know that we are actually the FOOLS. Why don’t we ban imports of goods from these countries as well and manufacturer our own? Why not more Ubuntu and less Microsoft?

All we do is try and play catch up with the West and now the Far East, why cant we realise we are enough? Our Languages are enough, our attires are just fine, our former education systems were alright and we are worthy to be called human beings just as they.

The years have come and gone, the songs have been sung and put on record, stories have been told and re-told till their flavours have become a bore.

Still the opression remains, now more than ever. How does a US ambassodor and his team run into a freaking matatu, kill a father of three (whose wife is six months pregnant) and injure others – get away with such a crime.

Where is the press coverage on this story?

Where are the mass protests infront of the US embassy? Oh yeah thats right the youth are too busy, searching for jobs, with a c.v in one hand and an android phone in the other talking about last nights party! 

*For danda heads that means companies like Apple and Microsoft

By Kenyan at se7en STAFF Kimathi Karimi


President Robert Mugabe, 89 casting vote in Harare

President Robert Mugabe, 89 casting vote in Harare

Zimbabwe is voting again today, with 5 presidential candidates vying for the seat. These candidates include the current Zimbabwe president

  1. Robert Mugabe, 89 (Uncle Bob)
  2. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, 61 (Long time nemesis of dearest Uncle Bob)
  3. Welshman Ncube
  4. Dumiso Dabengwa
  5. Kisinoti Munodei Mukwazhe (withdrew from the race 🙂 … )

The voting is today July 31 2013, starting from 7am to late in the evening today. The  voting maybe extended till tomorrow if the 6.4 million registered voters are not through voting.

Not much to say about the elections other than the MDC (political party of Tsvangirai) saying there are 1 million ghost voters in the race. The current president is expected to win by a landslide. The constant accusations by Tsvangirai are nto building his political career in any way. The rest of the candidates are in the race to bring competition, I assume.

With Mugabe’s ZANU PF 2.2 million JOB CREATION black empowerment plan, and his battle with cancer. He might just land the job an up-tenth time.


By Neville Mugambi