Say AIESEC. Blogging is an activity where you get to express your art by writing about it in the web. There arae various platforms to enable bloggers to do rthis. The most common are Blogspot and WordPress.

I blog using the WordPress platform. I write about the Kenyan economy in general. By doing this, I came to the realisation that the economy is dependant on POLITICS and BUSINESS. To me this are the topics I think run our Country.

This new government structure tends to be similar to that of the United States Of America. The USA structure is composed of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, THE SENATE and THE WHITE HOUSE which have the duty of coming up new Laws. In Kenya we have the PARLIAMENT AND THE SENATE which have the duty of coming up new Laws. This basic relationship is vital for the common MWANAINCHI to understand relate to it, so that they can be involved in the Law making processes.

The Kenyan PARLIAMENT and the SENATE is comprised of Members Elected from more than 30 parties. This is something to brag about because its only in Kenya. Further more, there are 53 political parties that are currently registered with the KENYAN GOVT. This is a good and

bad thing. The parties have created employment for many citizens thus a good move by the politicians.

I can talk on and on about the parliament and the Senate, their functions and duties, the commissions e.t.c because to me they are like Bible stories. You have heard them before from someone-maybe your mum or grandparents- but you will need to be reminded everytime so that you can be an upright individual. Knowledge is power. So is knowing about your Senate, Supreme Court and County Council . You need to see the process that led to laws like no smoking in public, no picking calls while on the zebra crossing and the likes. Being ignorant is quite cool when you are a teenager but for a grown up, it might land you in Court. You have to admit that keeping up with the government programmes is hard but you at least have to know something about it even a snippet. Thats what being Kenyan is all about.

The moment guyz in the matatu/restaurant/office start to talk about a “sensitive” topic. You might just be the genius who comes up with the solution to the topic.

On the more fact side of issues. In any Economy, there are some salient factors that affect it that are very hard to influence. This include Fashion, Music, Changing Ethnic Cultures, Eating Habbits and the likes. There are other more practical factors that contribute to growth in the economy. These are the policies put in place to generate more GDP like monetary policies and fiscal policies, this regulate taxes and money supply. One of the recent projects that the East Africa Community (EAC)is working on, is a common currency that will be used in the Region. Go search Kenyan at se7en on google for more insights on this issues that define the EAC.

(BCOM in progress)







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