Zimbabwe’s political woes dawn on them and Us

The past few weeks in Zimbabwe have seen the propo-sition of Jacob Zuma’s Wife as the in coming ANC (Africa national congress of South Africa) chair Lady … And the bomb of all shockers was the preparations by the Zimbabwe regime to replace the incumbent (90 year old “sitting at home”) President with his wife after sacking the Vice- president for being too ambitious.

Back at home here in the mess we can describe as politics… we have an opposition leader that is trying to declare themselves president through the supreme court and every channel is following the Trail…

The opposition leader(Raila Amollo) lost the election in august and… a turn of events… “which where constitutional” have made him appear to have his supporters stay at home and not vote… claiming since the president has 7 million votes, he and his 12 million supporters stayed at home.

We are a bit young for the investors to study our politics to make investment decisions… As Africa… but the better angle would be to profile the businesses being run successfully by our more intelligent Africans. Because 3% interest rate on the so called blue chip companies listed in the stock exchange might not be a reasonable to invest in for a proper retirement package(Trust me I have read and tried investing in them). Taking a look at the figures of M-Pesa and Safaricom, there is a bill in parliament to separate the two products owned by Safaricom. Safaricom presently announced that it transacted 3 trillion dollars in 2016 on Mobile money alone.

Zimbabwe on the other hand still have govt inteference in their telecoms network thus this might not be the sector to invest individually unless you have an army or mercenaries.


courtesy of UPART TOGETHER 

The current situation of political unrest and seemingly political unrest has affected major opposition strongholds especially after the fact that they willingly denied themselves the opportunity to vote. These areas include the following counties: Kisumu, Migori, Homabay, Siaya(the opposition leaders home counties), parts of Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Mombasa(or majorly the Coast province).

Since politics can be termed as an avenue to Who gets What of the national cake, then it is clear that these areas are in for a political marginalization.

It is a bit paradoxical how the current president did not turn up for the presidential debate and a few months later the opposition leader decides not to participate in the repeat elections terming them as a sham election(using his own words during his CNN interview on Friday). Some opposition sympathizers have labelled the IEBC(interim electoral and boundaries commission) as a branch of the Jubilee govt.

If only I were able to take a couple of selfies with my friends you guys see how we…(The Kenyans are not seriously affected by these cheap propaganda by these two politicians who have had a job since the former President Moi left office)… are OK.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange rang its bells on Friday and we hope that they opened shop today to facilitate the day to running of shares. The malls are a bit sluggish in business dew to demos in some areas. The schools are in the last leg of preparing for their finals and all the public Universities have been closed indefinitely…this may be due to the massive youths who are idle are currently  can readily engage in violent protests as was the case in South Africa during the Anti-Jacob Zuma protests


Africa development bank group

From the successful financing of the Thika super highway which links Nairobi city to( the once industrial ) Thika town, then did most of the government institutions know about the ease of doing business with the Group.( Follow other projects they have financed and what they are up to on https://twitter.com/AfDB_Group).

From Nigeria, SouthAfrica, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania just to mention a few states that have gotten grants and loans from the Group. Some of these loans are for financing major projects like Ethiopia airlines expansion plans. While others are for non-states related financing.

AfDB approves USD 159 million corporate loan to Ethiopian Airlines to finance expansion plan and fleet modernization program

Looking at the level of expertise they employ in ensuring these grants and loans are put into good use, the Africa development bank is rumoured to be  backed by Mr. Ndangote(Yeah, the billionaire). Governments might not have an excuse of munching funds which have been funded by this Group which has a tremendous track record of successfully financed projects.

Raila Turns Up For 2017 Presidential Elections #DebatesKe

At around 8:00pm on July 25th, finally the opposition candidate arrived at the venue where the final presidentail debate was to take place. with only two weeks remaining to the 2017 presidentail elections, the presidential candidates have been reduced to just two candidates… i.e The current president Honourable Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition leader Dr. Raila Amollo Odinga. Hon. Uhuru made the headlines on local media when he failed to turn up for the debate the second time.


Raila tackled issues to do with:

  1. corruption
  2. insecurity
  3. social media hate speech claims

The hosts of the debate were Journalists Joe Ageyo and Linus Kaikai. Some of the candidates and politicians dint have an easy time like

ichungwa is a good politician but alot of sycophancy is what is destroying him for sure

By Neville

CMS Summit… Rwanda Is Next

Mr. Oduor Jagero(Kenyan writer and entrepreneur) on extreme left.

Through the past 5 years in tech, CMS (Content management services) have been evolving and are making website design even easier to handle for companies and businesses across africa. If you have no idea about CMS google it and see the major players in the industry including WordPress and Joomla.

Kenya once hosted one of these summits and this year it was in Nigeria.

The deal has already been signed and the summit is headed to Rwanda20229372_10213278323491852_1784590767051834578_n.All in all, you could look forward to the findings and interviews, and hope there would be some kind of way to make content management systems a little easier for the customers to understand a bit cheaper or just affordable for the African population.

For the Nigeria summit review, look no further than the link below.

Five Automatticians recently attended this event in Abuja, Nigeria.

via Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit — The WordPress.com Blog

Open Friday sessions by Aleesha

Communications manager

Today is a Friday and if you are looking at having some fun with your pals this weekends eve, look no further. A new spot has been brewing for the last few months called the Open Friday and I had to go see what they up to last Friday.

They had advertised posters on social media ( https://www.facebook.com/PAWA254, Twitter and Instagram handles) and had promised an engaging session. Since I am an artist and like to spend time among other creatives, I took to the streets with my map, in search of the Open Friday venue.

Most of the acts were local artists and the setting graffiti inspired.

Part of the audience


“Hiphop was invented in the 1970’s in a place called the Bronx by a couple of DJ’s, Breakdancers and graffiti artists including legends like Afrika Bambaataa” source http://www.forbes.com


Assist women suffering silently from fistula – Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta


First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has asked women hiding under the shame of fistula to be assisted in seeking medical help so that they can continue with their normal lives.

She said those suffering from Obstetric Fistula are usually hidden away to suffer negative emotional and psychological effects due to humiliation from their smell and inability to perform their family roles.

“I urge that we seek out more of our mothers who are hidden away while suffering from this condition and encourage them to seek help”, Margaret said on Monday.

She was speaking when she opened an International Conference on Reproductive Health at Kenyatta University, Nairobi.

The three-day conference, under the theme of “Ending Obstetric Fistula in a Generation” is part of the commemorations to mark the World Fistula Day, observed today.

Other related activities include an ongoing Fistula screening and medical intervention of the condition at Gatundu Level 5 hospital.

Obstetric Fistula is a devastating and demeaning condition caused by prolonged obstructed labour, leaving a woman with insufficient voluntary control over urination. It also causes suffering, indignity and disability. The condition is preventable and treatable.

Strong smells occasioned by this condition forces many affected women to remain in hiding away from any public interactions including being shunned by insensitive family members. Separation and divorce are some of the other consequences of the condition.

Globally, an estimated 2 million mothers suffer the stigma of Obstetric Fistula while giving birth.

In Kenya 3,000 new cases of the condition are reported annually although there are fears many more mothers could be suffering in silence and seclusion due to shame and public humiliation.

“This situation is unacceptable and should not be allowed to persist,” Margaret said.

She said childbirth anywhere in the world is a time for celebration, yet in many cases in Africa (including Kenya), childbirth ends with serious and tragic life-threatening complications that bring untold suffering to women.

“This forum (the conference) presents us all with an opportunity to seriously reflect on the challenges that continue to impede us from achieving our national maternal and child health targets”, she said.

The First Lady is the patron of the innovative Beyond Zero campaign whose key goals include addressing challenges of maternal health, new-borns and children.

She said the current generation must commit itself and find ways to end Obstetric Fistula.

“We have come together to refine our strategy, renew our commitment and put all necessary measures to ensure that we are the generation that will end obstetric fistula”, Margaret said.

She said the campaign to end the condition has enhanced the visibility and knowledge of Obstetric Fistula worldwide but observed that this campaign is still under-resourced and requires far more financial and human resources to achieve its goals.

“More needs to be done to prevent labour and delivery complications”, Margaret said, adding that prevention is the key to ending fistulae.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) aims to eradicate fistula across the world.

“Ensuring skilled birth attendance at all births and providing emergency obstetric care for all women who develop complications during delivery would make fistula as rare in developing countries as in the industrialized world”, says UNFPA in one of its statements.

The First Lady said other issues that need to be addressed include access to health services and education, including gender equality, bringing child marriages to an end and eradication of marginalization of women and girls.

She said if these issues are properly addressed, maternal disability and death could be reduced by 20 per cent.

Margaret thanked Kenyatta University for hosting the conference adding that its theme—ending Obstetric Fistula in a generation-fits within the agenda of the conference on Reproductive Health.

She was received at the university by among others, the convener of the conference Prof Margaret Keraka, Principal Secretaries Julius Korir (Health), and Colleta Suda (Education), Acting UNFPA Country Representative Gift Malunga and Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Paul Wainaina.

The Conference brings together both regional and international health partners and delegates from all over the world including Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan and Somalia.


Courtesy The Star Magazine Kenya